Memoirs of a Geisha.

This is the movie that inspired my username, Ghanaian Geisha. I watched this movie around two weeks ago (I’ve become a movie addict now since i’ve been lying at home like a miserable bum) and it’s one of the most beautiful movies i’ve ever watched. Since watching this movie, i’ve fallen more in love with Japan and it is my dream to visit there before i die. I love the city, the food, the technology, the customs, the culture, the tradition, the people.

This movie is about a young girl who is suddenly taken away from her parents during World War II. She is then placed in a Geisha house where she becomes a servant to all the head Geishas. The story follows her ascent to becoming one of the most famous Geishas in her town. The story is about love, destiny, jealousy and deterimation, beautifully accompanied with an ancient Japanese soundtrack. The costumes and make up are wonderful. All in all, made for great viewing. A beautiful love story.

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