Ghana, Here I Come :-D


After 7 years i’m finally returning to my homeland for 14 days and i’m soooooo excited! I finally got my digital camera back from the repair shop after 5 weeks of them stalling (Note: If your camera every breaks down, DO NOT take it to Camera Clinic in West Kensington, they will keep it for MONTHS ¬_¬ ) and now i am ready to take wonderful, splendiferous fabulous photos! I’m also taking my law books out there too as i hav coursework to be doing that’s due in soon, so it can’t all be fun and games out there Lol!
So yeah i’m really excited about Monday…And i’m going on British Airways!!! Yes i’m excited about that AND WHAT? I’ve never been on BA before lmao! Saddo.

Anyhoo, Sayonara peoples and i shall be back with faaaaabulous pickaturesss.

Deuces mooses


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