….Lmao that song is too much.


It’s that time again. Exaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams.

And i know this year that i am going to flop like i’ve never flopped before. Especially in Equity and Trusts. That subject is a fuckery on my life you know. ¬_¬

I’m in the library at the moment doing some research on my coursework…which is due on the 11th of May. Man hasn’t even started this crap yet. hahahahaha…I guess i’m gonna have to blag my way through this.

Some songs i’m really listening to at the moment:
– Soulja Boy : Turn My Swag On
– The Upperclassmen : Magazine
– Keri Hilson and Timberland : Return The Favour
– Beyonce : Save The Hero
– Lady GaGa : Pokerface
– I Forgot Their Names Lmao : Ricky Bobby (Pose For The Frame)

Big tunes!

Anyhoo, i think i’ve fallen back in love with Beyonce all over again. Check out this performance from her recent I Am…Sasha tour in Croatia:

This just solidifies her status as the hottest chick in the game!

Anyhoo, i better get back to doing my work. I’ma be here for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time.

I’m outty 5000 x

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