Little Star…

Currently in bed listening to Living Proof by Kelis. Beautiful song 🙁

Anyhoo. What a week man *plays emotional rollercoaster in the background* haha.

Firstly, can you imagine that the damn landlord turned off the hot water? It’s a damn travesty.

Secondly my great grandmother passed away 2 days ago. Sad times, but she WAS 106 so she’s lived a long life. R.I.P.

Thirdly my exams are just going from bad to worse. To be honest i don’t really care because i’m not going to be pursuing law, i just don’t want to repeat the year. My mind has just been constantly on other matters i suppose :(.

At least there are some things to look forward to, moving back to the Madre’s abode, starting my driving lessons (FINALLY), doing some work experience, gettingmy tattoo(s) o_O …aaaaaaand just…general Summer-ness. lol.

Anyhoo, feeling kinda restless at the moment..My mind is in a state of discontent and i’m feeling slightly discombobulated (yeah i said discombobulated..haha a nigga got VOCAB!) so i may write a poem or something later on to express. Yeah, i need to write a good poem actually.

So until then, auf wiedersehen (german for goodbye to all the slow people lol)

I’m outty 5000 x

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