Cut-Outs and Jimmy Choos!!!

“If only i had a rich husband. Then i could buy nice things *sighs*.”

Homer Simpson (2001)

Here are a few items that I am currently in The first are these wonderful Giuseppe Zanotti Autumn ’09 cut out boots which are fabulous! I’ve always adored Zanotti heels because they are made so beautifully and are luxurious. I first saw these boots in Jeremiah’s (jeremeih? jeremy? Jeremieh? that somalian looking guy who sings birthday sex LMAO) video and thought they were FIERCE.

Here is Beyonce rocking the knee high version of the boots.

And Finally, news which i never thought i would hear in my lifetime…


Wait for it…

JIMMY CHOO IS COMING TO H&M THIS AUTUMN. Whoo! Watch out H&M! My student loan and I shall be coming to rape you of your stock! This is actually old news but i’m still so excited! They haven’t released any photos of the shoes yet, which I think is good. Anticipation anticipation anticipation! Good Times! xxx

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