September and Stuff *Random Post*

Guys i am SO STUCK for ideas on what to do for the rest of my Summer Vacation.
Basically, Next week I have 3 exams which are to take place on Monday through Wednesday.
After that, i’m free until 29th September.
I’m so damn bored!!! And it’s even worse when you have no money!
Up until this afternoon, New Moon (the second book in the Twilight Saga) has been keeping me company. But now i’ve finished that and i’m stuck for ideas.
I swear. I LOVE TWILIGHT. This time last year I was like ‘Twi-WHO?’ because my alliegences were always with Harry Potter, but a friend from Uni suggested I read the book so I went to the bookshop to buy it (it was buy one get one free so i bought New Moon too) and have read both within the course of a week, then I watched the movie on Youtube.

Such a beautiful love story..even made me cry at a few parts! Next week i’m going to buy the last two books 😉

back to the subject lmao. I need ideeaaaas on what to do!
So far i’m still jobhunting, and i’ve signed up for some sponsored walks which will be taking place in mid september and I’ve applied to volunteer for the Police as part of some independent work experience, but I need moore things to occupy me.

I hate summer. It’s too damn hot and random. 🙁

Ideas anyone?

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