Thank you to Shirley for tagging everyone on her blog post!
Objective of the Taggage is to list down 10 random things about yourself. So without further ado,
here we go:

1: When eating food, I always eat the meat/fish last. It’s a habit that has stayed with me
for a long time!

2: When eating a Big Mac burger, I have to eat it individually layer by layer (i.e. the bun first, then the lettuce, then the cheese and mayo, then the burger etc etc), if i don’t, then i can’t finish the burger!

3: I can play the Violin, Piano, Steel Pans and i sing.

4: I don’t like looking in the middle of cucumbers because it scares me.

5: I can’t walk in high heels because i’m partially flat footed. Yet i’m in love with heels, so i continue to buy more even though I don’t ever wear them. A waste huh?

6: I can NOW do the whole dance to Single Ladies. Step for Step

7: I cannot leave the house without taking a shower. I cannot even go downstairs without bathing first. If i don’t, i feel funny.

8: I can put on the best American accent EVER. I like to mostly do the Californian dialect and New York dialect.

9: I used to live and go to school in Ghana for 18 months. Amazing experience.

10. I actually don’t like law that much. I wanted to persue a degree in Fashion Journalism/Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion, but I have African parents so unless it’s Law,Medicine, Business, Teaching or Accounting, then they don’t wanna hear about it lol. =(

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