It's all gone so fast!

I can’t believe the past 2 years have gone so fast!

I can’t believe i’m going into my 3rd and final year as a student…and then after…I shall be a proper adult.

NOOOOOOOO!!!! I’m institutionalised!!!
It is quite scary when you think about it. It seems like only yesterday I started University, a fresh faced, eager student, and now i’ll be graduating next Summer, when i’ll be 21.

21 already.

Where have the years gone?!
I STILL don’t know what I want to do with my life…however I am strongly considering a career in Criminal Law. I love Criminal Law

I’m moving out to my new house next sunday and I am soooo excited! My room is huuuuuuuuge and the house is near my Uni so that’s all good…and I should be driving properly by Xmas which is great. I wanna thank God for putting everything into place for me this year!

Hmm, this was going to be a longer post, but I’m in an internet cafe and I have likr 2 mins left before it cuts out so I shall probably edit this later.

Toodles! xxxx

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