Life without food – Day 5

so, as i’ve stated earlier, i was going on this diet where i essentially live on 500 calories a day for 100 days via these special ‘milk’ shakes- no food is allowed, no fluid except for water, no gum, no mints, no nothing 🙁 sounds hard right?


On top of that, I’m developing a chest infection so i’m really really ill at the moment and yesterday I think was my weakest point…I felt really emotional and hungry and so I ate one grilled salad tomato. Lmao i felt so guilty afterwards!
We aren’t allowed to eat food on this diet because our bodies have to go into something called ‘Ketosis’ where the body feeds off the fat stores instead of the glycogen in our Pancreas and if you eat, you take your body out of ketosis, thus no fat eating.

It’s really stressful, especially when my mum keeps on making all this food and eating it infront of my FACE in order to tempt me. Talk about support. lol.
Ahh well…i’ve lost 3 pounds in 3 days so i suppose that’s a silver lining..

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