Hiya girlies!

Just a little update, not that anybody is interested but i feel like writing haha. This has been THE most stressful week of my life..i can’t even begin to explain…ups and downs..mostly downs..but anyhoo:

1. I’m moving this Sunday! Last week I went to IKEA and tore that place up!!! my room is so huuuuge..it’s a converted living room and it’s an empty pallete, so i’m gonna have so much fun decorating it! I bought candles and flowers and cushions and throws..ooooh so excited! Only thing is, the walls are kinda beige/dark yellow, which i’m not really feeling, so i’m gonna go onto this cool poster website and buy some cheap vintage and ethnic posters to jazz it up a bit…photos next week!!!

2. Looks like i WON’T be going into my final year at University :(. I didn’t pass one of my exams, ‘Equity and Trusts’ Law (Just ONE exam worth only 30 credits:|) and because of that, they aren’t letting me go into my 3rd year! Can you imagine?! Needless to say, I was devastated because this means I won’t be graduating with my friends next year =( Instead i’ll be graduating in 2011- I have to retake the year i’ve just completed… and i’ve been crying all day about it because i’m one of those annoying people who have planned my life by age, eg. ‘when I am 16 i will go to College, then I will be in University by 18 and graduate by 21 and then I will have a good job by the time I’m 23.” The fact that i’m now having to graduate at 22 is really PISSING ME OFF because i was supposed to be 21 and i’ma feel like such an old person by the time that happens. I’m just real picky like that lmao.

3. Ummm what else…? Yeah that’s about it really.

Now…I’m going to create a new blog!!!!
No i’m not deleting this one, i’ll still be very active on this blog, but i’m going to create a blog dedicated to cosmetics-not so much makeup as there are pleeeeeeeeenty of those blogs in the blogosphere atm,however i will drop a random makeup post once in a while, it shall be more toileteries…face masks, exfoliators, body scrubs, facial washes, even mouthwashes haha! (I have a “thing” about mouthwashes lmao)
I love girly things like that and i love writing so i thought i’d just combine the two together and do a nice little girly review blog of my favourite products!
I’ll probably launch the site (“launch” LMAO look at me sounding like some sort of popular celebrity website)
in mid-October when I get my student loan lol. After, I shall post the blog site up on here and you can take a look-see and HOPEFULLY follow me!
At the moment, i’m thinking of a name for the blog..something eye-catching and spunky(lmao)!

Ideas greatly appreciated!

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