Hiya Guys!

So today I went to the MAC stand at the House of Fraser to buy some new foundation, because the foundation I am currently using…well it’s pretty shit and gives me crappy coverage:

So I wanted a change of scenery lol. Now i used to be opposed to using any sort of liquid foundation because I always assumed it would be heavy on my face and just be really sloppy etc etc but after talking to the MAC makeup artist and him showing me different techniques of applying the ‘dation, I am officially a convert!

In addition to this, I thought I would buy a proper brush to apply with as well as I hate using the little sponges they came with. The MAC artist was telling me about this Porcupine looking brush called an ‘airbrush’ brush or whatever it was. It’s so BLOODY EXPENSIVE! I shall not, in this lifetime, be paying £30 for a damn paintbrush! So I bought the blusher brush instead:


I also bought an eyeshadow palette by BeautyUK, which is available from Superdrug. There’s a certain colour in the palette which I adore, which yall will see in the photos below:

I decided to experiment again on some eye makeup and see how it turned out. It’s harder for me to do eye makeup as I have weird eyes… What I like to call “Embryo syndrome” which means that I have huge bug eyes/no proper eye crease/saggy eyelids (LMAO) which is why I’m new to this whole makeup thing. ANYHOO, I was browsing through one of my old Vogue’s and I saw a D&G makeup test shoot where the artist used gold and black on the eyes..so i tried to recreate it and tried to blend it all in etc etc etc. Here are the final results:

(Excuse that pink think in the corner. Something went wrong on PShop lol)

Comments? Concerns? Tips especially?!?!



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