Steevie's First Fortnightly Awards Bonanza!

Since discovering Blogger, I have come across SO MANY wonderful, inspiring blogs that have entertained and taught me so much! I’ve read blogs that have made me laugh and cry, blogs which have inspired me and blogs which have taught me. Therefore, I have decided to give out a small token of my appreciation towards my favourite blogs, each two weeks.

So, without further ado, I present to you:


I would like to present my award to the following bloggers and their blogs:

Miss Stefanie for Curvaceous In The City
-One of my favourite blogs ever! I love Stefanie’s blog because first and foremost, She Keeps It Real. I can personally relate to some of her stories and she is extremely inspiring and her blogs is very motivational! She is an extremely sweet, beautiful and selfless person and I am so happy to have come across her blog

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