Tagged: Post the 10th pic from your first album & 10 Random Facts!

Well, this is my 10th photo from my first album! Lmao I was getting ready to go out and I had my St Ives scrub on and my hair in curlers…I felt really girly that night! 😀

Ok, 10 random facts about me…i’ve done this before but i’ll try and think of some more lol!

1. I’m left handed

2. When I was younger, My life ambition was to be a checkout girl at the supermarket because I love scanning products and hearing the machine go “beep!” it’s so cool! Note i said “Love”..i still love this lol

3. I’m clinically an insomniac

4. I have a birthmark on my eyeball. See if you can spot it!

5. I have a hypersensitive smell and taste. If i smell too much of one thing, say, fried chicken, i immediately throw up.

6. I play piano, violin, African drums, Steel drums, recorder and i sing

7. My favourite shops are PRIMARK and Dorothy Perkins aaaand ASOS.com

8. I used to have a Jherri Curl when i was younger =(

9. I lived and went to school in Ghana for 2 years

10. I can Yodel

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