It suddenly hit me that I graduate next year!!
I don’t know what I want to do!!
I have NO experience whatsoever!
I really have to start getting on my grind and setting up some work experience and stuff. I’m already a Student Ambassador at my uni which is cool, but i want moreeeeeee. I want to do so many things now! When I was in a relationship, i dedicated everryyything to my ex and made everything about him, now that i unfortunately no longer have those obligations, there’s so much i want to do!
Tattoo- Check
Lip Piercing – Next week!
Oh. Question for anyone who has a lip piercing…what instrument do they use and does it hurt lmao?? 🙁
I also want to get into some volunteering too. Perhaps working with young people orrr old folks…or something legal idk..but yeah..the world is my Oyster

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