(Do you know how LONG it took me to find this photo? Mmmmmmmm!)
So New Moon fever is finally here!! I was a little late getting into the books (having finished the 4th, DISAPPOINTING book only a few months ago) But i am definately feeling the ‘Twilight’ fever!
Last Wednesday night I went to go and watch the Midnight screening at my local Cinema..and all i can say is that it is an AMAAAAAZING movie! OMG the eye candy!! Edward was looking especially gorgeous in this movie if i do say so myself, but Jacob?!?
I am definately on Team Jacob. He was so sweet and adorable and TOLERANT of that bitch Bella. Say what you want but I hate that slag. Jacob has been treated like crap throughout most of the book and he’s still such a considerate, sweet guy. 
I was watching the movie and I was so shocked because i realised how much I could relate to the storyline: A girl falling in love with a heartless, cold, dead, non-human and him leaving her..LMAO. At least she had jacob by her side….I want a Jacob!!
Where’s my Jacob?!
Lmao, on a whole I loved the movie and I LOVED the ending. When the movie ended, everyone in the cinema booed and hissed. I know a lot of people thought “WTF is that it?” but I thought it was absolutely perfect.
What did you think? What were your favourite parts?

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