Blusher & Lipstick!

Random Makeup Post –
The other day i bought some blusher, which I never used to use as when i applied it, I used to look more like a clown lol (this sentence is SOO poorly structured, plz forgive, i’m watching Telly lmao)
I decided to buy the Sleek brand in a kinda dusty orangyyyy/rose colour which is cute.
And it was only like £3 which is cool!
I then bought some new lipsticks (is lipstick plural? lipsticks..lipstick..Ohh i don’t know, i’m exhausted LMAO) One brilliant pink one from Maybelline..I can’t remember the number, i’ll post it later..and then another Neutral/tan coloured lippy which is also from maybelline:
I think i prefer the pink –  the latter looks kinda…..I don’t know, maybe i’ll get used to it lmao!

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