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Ahhh, Christmas. It’s that time of year again folks! A time of sharing good will, spending time with the family, unwrapping presents, watching cheesy musicals on TV and having the annual ‘Major Family Reunion Argument’ <– (Good times lol), but what mostly excites me about this period, are the SALES.  Come December 26th, after recieving my Xmas money, I will be out there, amoung others, fighting for that 75% off dress or those 40% off pair of shoes. However, I shall also be splashing out online too as many online clothing stores give further discounts. 
So in honour of the Christmas sales coming up, I thought I would compile a list of my FAVOURITE online/ Accessories stores and share it with you guys for you to browse and hopefully find some real good bargains come sale time! The majority of the websites are British but again, the majority of these sites should be able to deliver internationally as well, so without further ado:
1. ASOS.COM (As Seen On Screen) – My all time FAVOURITE website which my Mother actually got me on to about 5 years ago. 
In the past, they only sold clothes which were imitating clothes worn by Celebrities, but now, they have really stepped into their own, creating their own designs and retailing high fashion clothing and accessories at cheaper prices. You can find really cute stocking fillers on this site too! They do the most amazing dresses as well as glasses (See my photo on the top left? The glasses, ASOS baby 🙂 ) – They Provide International Shipping
OMG You can get snow in Farmville now!!! Brb..

Ok, sorry about that lmao, I was playing on Farmville for a bit. I LOVE that game! Anyhoo back to the list:
2. My Wardrobe  Super stylish clothing for office, party or the beach from labels like Lulu Guinness, Twenty8Twelve, Mulberry and Paul Smith. They also get exclusives from celeb designers such as Nicole Richie and the Olsen sisters. They provide international shipping.
3. BooHoo – Great website for finding something cheap and cheerful yet also fashionable! Provides Domestic/European Shipping Only.  

4. BunnyHugYou know when you’re reading through your fashion/gossip magazines and you see paparazzi pics of celebs wearing really cool slogan t-shirts? Well this is the website to go to to get your own! They source up and coming niche American labels and share them with the worrrrrrrld. Provides International Shipping.
5Motel RocksNow I LOVE THIS WEBSITE. Their clothes are uber-chic whilst being extremely..EXTREMELY affordable!! They deal in edgy, rocky clothes which i like..aaaaaaaaaaand, it’s FREE shipping to America!! It’s International baby!
6. A|WearReally really decent clothes! Provides International Shipping

7.  Birdy Num Num  – For vintage heads. I lurrrrrrrrrrve Vintage and this store has some great vintage bags, compact mirros and other little bits and bobs like that! Provides International Shipping
8. Not On The High StreetGREAT store for unique gift ideas!! They have some real cute items on here, it’s worth a look Provides International Shipping
9. CocosaAn Invite-Only website where they specialize in designer clothing at bargain prices! Only Available in the United Kingdom at the moment
10. – Aside from the utterly GORGEOUS website name, this website is ideal for vintage inspired jewellery and gifts at reasonable prices. I’ve copped a couple of earrings and stuff from here and they are amazing! Provides International Shipping
11. Happy Box LondonA delightful little website where you can buy little things to cheer your family/friends up! I bought some really cuuuuuuuute candles for my mother this Mother’s day from this site and they smelled amazing! Domestic Shipping Only atm
And there we have it folks! I hope you like the sites i’ve put up, happy hunting!
Stephanie xxx 



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