Lipstick Mad!

Heyyy guys!
So for the past couple months or so i’ve been going lipstick crazy. I never used to use it because because my Mother always told me “Steph you can wear lipstick when you’re an older woman” and so i’ve always had this impression that lipstick were for mature women and stuck to gloss…and then I realised..i AM old now lmfao so i’ve started purchasing more.
Today I went on a hunt to find a plum coloured lipstick..something a little Vamp..and I came across this little vintage store which looked soooo cute, so i went inside..and managed to buy an Anna Sui plum lipstick and a Versace lipgloss!
I managed to get it for quite a bargain too and i’ve fallen instantly in love 😀
Anna Sui ‘206’ Rouge a Levres – £12
Versace Wet Cream Lipgloss V 2114-A – £10

The Anna Sui lipgloss is very Matte, even though it looks shiny in the photo. The lipgloss isn’t too gloopy and smells WONDERFUL!!!

Lipstick by itself

With the lipgloss.
What are some of your favourite shades?? I’m thinking of buying a blue LMFAO.

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