Fuckery Case Files #1

Hello peeps and welcome to a brand new section of the blog which will be tagged under the heading “what kind of fuckery is this?”
Now, many of you may not know, but i am a ‘fuckery enthusiast/cheerleader” which basically means, i LIVE for all things weird, ghetto, hilariously funny/strange and just plain damn WRONG.
Today I bring you a video, starring a woman who genuinely believes she is Nicki Minaj. If you don’t know who she is, well, you will soon because her ‘ghetto barbie fabulous’ style is becoming a worrying epidemic amongst young (and OLD =/) women.
Now, in this video, this woman is telling ladies the rules to becomming a ‘flygirl’.
Note: She is NOT acting or mocking NickiMinaj. She is actually serious. =/
1) If your room is ‘all pink everything’ after the age of 14, you need help.
2) I’m mad that her teeth are 4 miles apart.
3) Why didn’t she rehearse what she was gonna say before filming? All the fillers get annoying.
4) Flygirls don’t wear 18 inches of synthetic hair. That weave is obvious, disgusting, fried, dyed and laid to the side. =/ 
5) She needs her ass beat.

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