Youtube Talent : Jessie

So about 3 weeks ago, my friend Uwa ( sent me the link to Jessie’s youtube page, claiming that she was a fantastic singer, so i decided to check her out, and ever since I saw the video above, i’ve been HOOKED. 
Jessie is an up and coming singer/songwriter from Essex, England and she has already written for singers such as Chris Brown and she also wrote “Party in the USA” for Miley Cirus.
She has also recently been signed to Universal Music if i’m correct and is currently working in the studio with Justin Timberlake and Dallas Austin in the US.
It’s CRIMINAL that it takes so long for fantastic singers such as Jessie and Priscilla Renea etc to get record deals, yet you have people like Rihanna and Cassie who get snapped up straight away when they can’t even sing. Everything is driven by image these days and it’s frustrating.
But anyhoo.
What do you think of her voice?

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