21st Birthday Blues??

Oooooooook. I need a bit of help.
Basically…it’s my 21st birthday in a couple of months (May 5th to be exact)
And I have NO idea what to do =/
Since my birthday is SO close to my final exams, I don’t want to do anything too extreme..
Yet I feel i have to, because i’ve never made a fuss out of my previous birthdays before.
However I’m not the ‘clubbing’ type person. =/
Does anyone have any cool ideas?
So far, I’ve come up with going to either Paris or Amsterdam for the weekend with a few of my girls,
or go to Disneyland with some friends.
Yeah that’s right. I’ve NEVER been to Disneyland alright?? LOL LET ME BE GREAT.
(That idea was contributed by the beeeautiful Rai over at Glam Morena Dot Com)
Feel free to contribute! All ideas will be taken very seriously lol!

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