My Step-By-Step *Spring* Face! *VERY PIC HEAVY*

Now, i’m not one to wear makeup all the time, especially everyday, but today the weather has been beautiful and so I thought I would make the effort and actually put on some makeup which was not ‘neutral’ for once.
Because I am quite dark, i’ve always been a bit scared of using bold colours such as pinks and reds, however since its Spring, I thought i’d go all out and show you my step-by-step on how i achieved this look! So here we go:


 First, I slather my face in primer by E.L.F to minimize my pores.
Ok here we go…My naked face. O_O !!
All primed up.
Next, I apply concealer using MAC’s Cover-Up in NC-50:
Next up is the foundation:
And highlighter (Contour Kit by Sleek):
After my face is all foundationed up, i then use a neautral eyeshadow to cover my whole lid (Eyeshadow by Victoria Jackson):
I then use my Sleek Palette to do my eyeshadow. (I use a small brush to do this because I have a hooded eye, which means my crease is EXTREMELY low (see eye pic above)
I then use my cream eyeliner by elf:
And then pop on some mascara, which leaves moi like this:
Next, I use MACs ‘Ambering Rose’ Blusher, along with my 116 brush:
Next i use one of my FAVOURITE lipsticks, MAC’s ‘Lustre Most Popular’ from the Hello Kitty collection.
And taaa-daaaa!
Hopefully i’ll be wearing more colour out these days!

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