So i just thought i’d get some random stuff out of the way:

So within the next few weeks, I may not be posting as much as exams are near..yikes! I still cannot believe i’m in my last year. *sigh*

My 21st birthday is also coming up and i will be having a little do with some friends at TGI Fridays, and then me and a couple friends will be flying out to Amsterdam for the weekend to celebrate properly…good times!!

Also, don’t forget to enter in my giveaway!! In sidebar ===>

Yesterday I got my lip pierced at this tattoo place where they were doing a special offer, so I got it done for £5. I’m not ENTIRELY happy with it: The ring is FARRR too small for my lip so i’m seriously considering taking it out…it also hurts so much. 🙂 Here it is:

 What do you think?
Also, after like 700 years of searching for these dang boots, I FINALLY found them! I know i’m a tad bit late with the trend and i would have preferred the boots in brown, but I can still rock these:
Complete with peg-leg trousers. #iLove.
Does anybody know where i can get some relatively inexpensive cropped harems from?

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