American Sweets Haul!

Hey there!
So, this afternoon, I recieved a very nice surprise when I came home from University. I came to find my package, containing candy and other groceries from America.
Now, I’ve only been to America once and when I was there, I was staying with family who are African, so I never really had a chance to taste “proper” American food, so I came across the website , a British based company who import drinks, food, candy and other groceries from the US. They also have a store in the North of England I believe. 
I ordered a few items and it all came to under £15 which is excellent, especially for imports. The postage is £5 which is reasonable, and it arrived in exactly 4 days, which I think is pretty decent!
The items I purchased. I’ve already tried the the Butterfinger and it was absolutely HORRIBLE! It’s so SWEET!!!!!! Even by MY standards, and I have an incredible sweetooth. 
I cannot wait to try the Lucky Charms! I heard they were quite good.
Has anybody else ordered off ?

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