May's Most Used: Blushes.

The month of May was a lot of things for me, most notably….stressful.
Exams, late nights and junk food meant that my skin kinda suffered and it got to a point where I just couldn’t be bothered with my appearence when going to University LOL, however, in an effort not to look “ill” i started using blushers a LOT more frequently in a bid for a more….”healthy” looking appearence. 
The top 4 i’ve been using:
My favourite out of the four would have to be MAC’s Ambering Rose’s Shimmering Blush. It’s a deep peach with specks of gold glitter and I think it looks especially incredible on dark skin tones…it almost doubles as a bronzer and gives off a radiant, healthy look.
I however have issues with MAC’s Vintage Grape. The swatches below have been HEAVILY swatched. Now, I don’t know if it’s just me but I have a hard time getting it to show up properly on my cheeks and when it does, it looks quite cakey. =/
Of course with ‘Flamingo’, I apply it VERY lightly. Don’t want to be leaving the house looking like Bobo the Clown lol!
What are some of your favourite blushes?

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