How I make my brows look as if they've been threaded.

Hey there! Apologies for my lack of posts; you’d think that i’d have a lot of time what with me finishing with University, but i’m busier than ever *sigh*.
I’ve always loved how a threaded brow looks, but like a lot of women (and some men O_O) I refuse to sit in a chair for seven minutes while a woman hacks away at my precious precious stray hairs. I’ve threaded my eyebrows once…and it was once too many. THE PAIN! i couldn’t hack it, yet I don’t pluck or wax my eyebrows either so what’s a girl to do?

I was given a video tutorial on how to shape brows by the lovely Ruki over at and followed the video step by step. Now, PLEASE BEAR IN MIND that this is the first time i’ve done anything like this, I KNOW the ending result looks a bit drag-queenish, but i’ll be better! So, without further ado:

These are my brows before (scary, I know):

I then used MAC’s brow set to sweep my brows upward and away from my nose:
I then used an eyebrow pencil from Sleek to fill in my brows (not outlining them, filling in the inner gaps):
I then used a MAC concealer which is a couple of shades lighter than my skin tone and a concealer brush:
…and then outlines my eyebrows in a perpendicular fashion:
After doing this, i then began to blend the concealer in downwards, with a a slanted brush until it looked like this:
(Tried to) tidy it up a bit, and this is the finished result: 
Yep, I know my brows are uneven, being left handed kinda has its drawbacks LOL. However, i think it’s an OK attempt…hopefully i’ll get better the more I do it! What do you think?

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