*Waves White Flag*


I give up. I quit. I’m out.

It’s not even 3pm and I quit! The master cleanse is FAR too hard. Earlier on, while munching on my imaginary apple, I decided to do a little research about the cleanse and I found out that it is quite harmful to our bodies:

1. The Maple Syrup is only added to provide calories and to make the drink less sweet.
2. Our stomachs have more acid than lemons and so drinking the lemon would not be beneficial at ALL.
3. The cayenne pepper is only used for taste- it has no effect whatsoever.
4. You don’t burn fat when on the detox, you’re burning muscle, which is why people appear to weigh lighter so much quicker.

I may as well not even eat. It would be healthier! I took a drink today and it was DISGUSTING. My throat is still burning from the pepper. 🙂

So instead, i’m sticking to eating 5 small protein filled meals a day and my Jilian Michaels workout DVD. 🙂

As for the huge amounts of lemons and maple syrup I bought….well…I used them to make pancakes earlier.

Happy Lent!! <3

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