Summertime is a'comin…

And that can only mean one thing…

Getting your legs out!
As the weather changes, so does our skin, so around this time a lot of people may notice that their skin becomes either extra oily, dry or blotchy and so it is imperative that you have the right componants to combat this, depending on your skin type.
I have dry skin, so I mainly use a lot of shea and coconut butter, along with avacado oil and vitamin E as they are uber-moisturising. I also want to get into wearing shorts and skirts this summer so i’ve been exfoliating like crazy!
My summertime leg kit:
Soap & Glory ‘Flake Away’ – £4.59 from Boots
Flake Away is a thigh and leg scrub which contains shea butter, sugar, peach seed power, sea salt and almond oils and I use it with an exfoliation brush in the bath. The beads are rather course, but not course enough to rub your skin raw. It smells lovely and it always leaves my skin feeling uber soft.
Soap & Glory’s ‘Slimwear’ Peptide Balm – £6.00
I’ve never really used firming creams before as I try not to feed into the ‘hype’ , however I thought I would try this out just to see. I’ve been using it for about a week now and I am kind of seeing a little bit of a difference. The balm is very minty and has quite a thin consistency so I normally put this on first, then seal it in with some coconut oil. I will provide a more thorough review after continued use.
Coconut Butter by The Body Shop – £12
Since the weather is getting warmer, I’ve decided to switch moisturisers. Normally, I used my DIY Shea butter with coconut oil and sweet almon oil mix, however, it is quite heavy and so i’ve switched to a more lighter cream. The coconut butter smells amazing and it really seeps into my skin wonderfully, making for lovely, supple skin.
How are you preparing for summer??

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