Red Lipstick: The Conundrum. [Find Your Perfect Shade!]

Red. How can one colour be so confusing?

Red is one of those colours that is extraordinarily tricky to pull off as there are different shades that go with different skin tones. I’ve gone through a whole load of reds (which I will be discussing below) to find THEE perfect shade for me and what I will say is, regardless of what you have heard, red DOES suit all skintones, it’s just about finding the right colour for you!

Reds for all skin tones!

My Tips:

1. Keep the rest of your makeup subtle when wearing red lipstick. For daytime, go for natural make-up and for night, a smoky all always does the trick!

2. Lip liner is essential to stop colour bleeding. Apply all over your lip to create a base for the colour.

3. Dot a little highlighter onto your cupid’s bow, just above your top lip: it’ll make your lips look fuller.

4. FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS BRIGHT AND BEAUTIFUL, PLEASE PLEASE EXFOLIATE YOUR LIPS. I have seen too many women wearing bright reds with their lips looking as if they’ve been used on a grater; dead skin just everywhere. It is not attractive so scrub up and moisturize!

Pale Skin:

Dark reds can be very draining on pale skin, so opt for a shade with a hint of Orange to brighten pale undertones.
Accessorize ‘With Love’ Coral Crush Lipstick

Medium Skin:

If you have medium skin, you can wear most colours; a classic true tone such as pillar-box red would be most ideal. The vibrant shade looks amazing on medium complexions!

YSL Rouge Pur Couture Lipstick
Olive Skin:
If you have olive skin, pick a colour with som depth to it; go a bit darker and daring. Deep mahogany reds look AMAZING against olive skin.
Topsop Lips in Hazard Lipstick
Dark Skin:
Pick a lipstick that stands out from your skintone yet still compliments it. Vampy reds that are rich in texture are ideal; especially colours that have blue undertones rather than orange.

The Infamous ‘Ruby Woo’ by MAC
What are your favourite reds?!

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