Summer of Nudity…

…Minds out of the gutter!

I’m referring to nude lipstick, my new obsession at the moment. For the past 2 months or so I have been wearing  nothing but a nude lip and a bold eye, which I think it’s quickly becoming my signature look! However before this I had such a hard time finding a nude colour to suit my skintone, which is understandable as nudes are pretty trial and error; you don’t want to walk outside your house looking like this:


Anyhoo these are my top three favourite nude lipsticks ever!
Revlon Matte – Mauve it over
GOSH Velvet Touch – Kitch
MAC – Touch

In the photos they look pretty similar, however the GOSH lipstick is more of a cherry/nude and is so lovely!
All three lipsticks are incredibly moisturising and velvety, especially MAC’s Touch, which  is a creamy, full colour coverage browned nude with a glossy sheen.
If anyone would like a more in-depth review of any of the shades, please let me know via the comments!
What are your favourite nudes?

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