As you can probably tell, my blog layout is a bit messy at the moment! 
One thing about me is that i’m EXTREMELY fickle when it comes to my blog layout. It’s been through SO many different colour themes, layouts and HTML codes, yet it I am still not happy!
I’m not gifted with the art of HTML so i’ve never been able to finesse my blog to my personal standards, so while I try and tidy up my blog and learn a bit of this HTML stuff, I won’t be posting for a bit; maximum until Thursday, so it’ll be a bit derelict in here i’m afraid! 🙁
You can still catch me talking rubbish and nonsense on Twitter – @MacStephanton
If any of you know how to code blogs or can point me in the right direction of a “blogger HTML tricks” page, please let me know by commenting below!
Loves ya xxx

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