Weighting for the New Year…

After many months of debating, I’ve decided to sign up to Weight Watchers come January. I’ve been thinking about it for many months now but have procrastinated so much so I thought, ‘there’s no time like the present’ 🙂
I was contemplating between this and joining another gym but I KNOW that once I join, i’ll never go; anyway, I have that 30 day crunch/Jillian Something DVD and some Wii Fit so that should get me a bit active!
I’ve unsubscribed from GlossyBox in order to sign up; it was either Glossy Box, T-Mobile or my monthly contact lenses. Sorry Gloss! I’ve also decided to sign up for the Monthly Pass, which is £19.99 (£14.95 for the first month) a month and that gives me access to unlimited meetings, recipes and other hidden areas of the website – my aim is to lose about 30 lbs before my birthday (5th of May) so I really need to stay committed! 
Wish me luck!
Is anybody else dieting in the new year?
What are your 2012 goals?

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