*gasp!* My Very First NOTW…or is it NOTD??

*Waves frantically*
I know, I know, I’ve been MIA for a couple weeks. I’ve had a pretty rough few days to be honest, especially work-related so I thought i’d take a bit of a breather for a while, but now I’m back from Iraq selling crack (one of the nurses at work always says this whenever I i come back from lunch. It’s dumb but catchy. LOL) so it’s all good!
Anyhoo, I’m doing something that i’ve never done before; an ACTUAL nail post.
O_o I know!
Let me explain:
I had no nails. I’m a nervous biter, so I literally bit my way through my childhood and teens. Never wore nail polish, no nothing! I hate my hands so I never really bothered with them, until about……19 days ago when i vowed never to bite them again. I’ve been doing pretty well so far! They are still a bit uneven and brittle but i’m treating them everyday. 😀


I’ve always loved red nails so I thought i’d get OPI’s polish in Big Apple Red. It’s a vibrant orangey-red that applies extremely easily and dries exceptionally fast. However, it isn’t really that opaque; I had to apply the polish 3 times for full coverage. Now it may ONLY be the fact that my nails are super duper short, I’ll revisit this when they are a bit longer.
You can purchase Big Apple Red here.
I would also love some tips on how to make my nails grow longer and stronger too! At the moment, I am taking Biotin tablets which i purchased on Amazon and I am currently using the following products:


* Conditioning Almond Oil Pen – Superdrug
* Sally Hensen No More Breaks – Amazon
What are you tips for strong, healthy nails?

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