Nouveau Lashes Noir Mascara.

Nouveau Noir Mascara – £14.99
I received the Nouveau mascara as part of the December GlossyBox and I have been using it for about a month now to see how it works!
Nouveau Lashes are a lash extension company who provide eyelash extension services as well as selling false lashes; they have recently branched out into the cosmetic line, starting first with a line of mascaras. The first being ‘…Noir’. 
It claims to be a waterproof, fast-drying formula which can last all day.
I can definitely vouch for the quick-drying of the formula! I find that mascaras with bristles dry faster than the comb variety, although i’m not sure why that is. However with this mascara, I find that it dries a bit too quickly- too quick to even apply a second coat by which time my lashes are too stiff to drag the wand though.
The mascara does not have a scent, which i appreciate as i’m not fond of scented mascaras! My (naturally short and stubby) lashes do not flake and rub off and I do find that I can apply it all day.
The wand head is extremely slender and small as to pick up every lash for maximum length.
I will say however, that it does not really give me the volume I need. It provides length which is fine however because I do not wear false lashes, I always love my mascaras to have a thickening quality to them. 
I will say, this is the perfect mascara to wear in the day for work or as a bit of an eye-opener if you don’t want people to know you’re knackered, LOL!
Apologies for the blurriness – I switched to my point-and-shoot!

Question time:
1) Have you tried Nouveau Lashes? If so, what did you think?
2) What are your favourite volume & length mascaras?

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