Don't Worry, Be Happy!

Hands up if you made a new years’ resolution involving diet and exercise?
*raises hands.*

Hands up if those resolutions completely disintegrated within the first 15 days?
*raises hands and hides face*

I’ve come to realize that all these so-called resolutions and goals never really work out in the long run and the reason they don’t is because I approach them as if they are projects to be completed, as opposed to a lifestyle!
In order to successfully achieve my goal, I’ve learnt that I need to incorporate the little changes daily into my daily routines, so gone are the get-fit-quick Hollywood diet and work out fads! So far, I’ve tried:

  • The Lighter Life Plan: A diet which solely consists of drinking nutrition shakes/bars for a minimum of three months. Under no circumstances are you allowed to eat “non-plan” solid food. I lasted 7 days and lost a total of 10 lbs, however I passed out on the last day. X_X 
  • The Waterfall Diet: As the name suggests, the diet consists of drinking a LOT of water- more than what i’m sure is the suggested daily amount. Lasted 3 days, then read in the Daily Mail that drinking vast amounts of water within a short time can kill you as it drowns your brain or something…(something like that anyway, LOL)
  • The Master Cleanse: Waste of time and money, tastes like expired cabbage and has absolutely no nutrition whatsoever. Lasted a day. Lbs lost: none. 
  • The ‘No Carb’ Diet: Was pointless from the get go. Considering that i’m African and the majority of our food consists of carbs and meat, that was NEVER going to be successful, I love my carbs too much LOL! That last about 3 hours. 
Over the last month or so, i’ve learnt to recognize my eating habits and make changes towards them. For instance:
  • I never eat breakfast on weekdays: Solution – Having a piece of fruit in the morning, or buying a packet of fruit on the way to work. On weekdays, my breakfast consists of the dishes above.
  • I always eat two big meals a day, then snack a lot: Solution – Limit my portion size (I can’t eat more than two meals a day for some reason so I can’t change that lol) and instead of snacking on chocolate, I substitute them for fruit bars and coffee. (I know that’s bad but… steps people…baby steps. :P) 
Tell me your ‘fad diet’ stories!
How do you approach your diet?

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