I Tried Glossybox…I tried…

*le sigh*
When Glossybox first came out, it was a huge deal as the concept seemed oh so simple; sending out five sample products a month for a tenner. Seems simple enough, no? Although a great idea at the time, I feel as if Glossybox have kinda lost their way a bit. My biggest qualm with them? Their target audience.
On the website, there is a beauty profile you complete in order for the company to match up the best suited products for the customer. While I appreciate that there are a load of subscribers and that it’ll be virtually impossible to match each person with their perfect sample product, I still feel like they do not hit their target market at all.
I think (and a lot of people have suggested this on Twitter) that the customer should have a choice of what sort of box they want. Yes, we all love the element of surprise but not when you open up a box and find all the products to be anti-ageing products like I did. :-S
I recieved this month’s Glossybox this morning, which contained the following items: (note: I’ve taken all the photos using my iPhone this time, sorry for the quality!)

To be honest, nothing has really ‘blown’ me away here. I’ve seen that a lot of people recieved miniature mascaras and lipsticks in their packs; i’m not sure if I got bundled with a rogue box but I would have preferred the lippie lol!
I don’t think i’ll be getting a lot of use out of this month’s box and it’s a shame. I’m not a fan of any of the products above (apart from the Shu Uemura cleanser); if the boxes were slighty tailored to a certain type of consumer then it wouldn’t have been much of an issue but for now I’ve had to unsubscribe for the time being.

Have you recieved this month’s Glossybox?
What do you think of the products & Glossybox in general?

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