REN Max Moisture Concentrate Serum

So remember when I posted about REN’s popup bar here?
Well, early on this week, I popped down into Selfridges to have a mini facial which was amazing; I wasn’t able to take any photos as the lighting was really poor inside and my iPhone doesn’t have a flash. 🙁

After the consultation, I purchased REN’s Max Moisture Concentrate serum as I was looking for something to use at night that was a bit more moisturising than the Vitamin E cream I normally use.


“Featuring a concentrated formula designed to hydrate and replenish the skin, it is enriched with soybean lipids to hydrate as hyaluronic acid plumps the skin, arctic lingonberry seed oil protects, for a healthy glowing complexion.”

Despite it’s cream-like appearance, the formula is a serum. For the past week I have been applying it on my face, morning and night before putting on a moisturiser and it does feel lovely. Although I do need to use a few pumps as I’ve found that it tends to dry out halfway through applying onto my face.

I’ve also found that the gathering of spots I had been developing (currently going through a ‘purging’ state since using an electronic sonic cleanser that is not a clarisonic-review soon!) have completely disappeared, which is amazing considering its only been about 4 days now! My skin feels a lot softer and more refreshed when I wake up the next day. As an added bonus, I also keep a bowl of water in my room to act as a makeshift humidifier so my skin can absorb even more moisture when I sleep. 

A week in and my face feels a lot more moisturised, softer and plumper than before, however i’m still trying it out as it could all be down to my natural, youthful essence. LOL iKid. I definitely recommend it if you want a little treat!

Price – £32
link here and here.

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