Saturdays With Steph…

The look of horror and confusion before my DSLR landed FLAT on my face. Some ‘come hither’ look eh?
Happy Saturday folks!

I feel like such a bad blogger because I don’t update as much as I should do, but I promise that this will change! Today I decided to spend my Saturday at home; do a bit of housework, cook and just generally chill. Tis my favourite thing to do! This post will mostly be me blabbering on so take a gander if you like!

Chillin…..Chillin like a BAWSE.
  • As I posted a few weeks ago, I finally took the dive and joined Weightwatchers. It’s been two weeks now and altogether I’ve lost 5lbs – and that was WITHOUT doing any exercise. I’m so proud of myself! The Weightwatchers “diet” is extremely flexible and so when I went into the weigh-in today and the lady said I’d lost 4lbs this week, I was so shocked because I didn’t feel as If I was putting any extra work in to lose it. I’ve included a lot of vegetables and fruit in my diet, as well as tracking down every morsel of food I eat and drinking plenty of water. It’s definitely made a difference to how I feel. If you take a quick gander to the top of my page, you’ll see that I have included a “WW Progress” tab; that is where I will be noting down my progress over the next 6 weeks to reach my goal of losing a stone (14lbs) by my birthday.
  • Is anyone else excited about the new Revlon Lip Butters? I WAS…until I hopped onto the Boots website and saw the prices. £8.99 for a lip balm. Mmm…the price is reaching, however I told myself that I would buy around two butters just to see and If I like the quality etc, I’ll start a lil collection. So far, I’m LOVING Raspberry Pie, Tutti Frutti and Brown Sugar.
  • Yesterday I went into the town centre to pick up a few things. I’d been hearing and seeing a lot of reviews on these Yankee candles so I thought I’d pop into Debenhams and have a bit of a sniff. First off, I love the fact that Yankee Candles have so many different scents and varieties. I saw a ‘Chocolate Easter Bunny’ one there and it smelled…..man..it was just…heavenly! I also love the cute little glass jars they come in. Adorable! I ended up getting ‘Coastal Waters’ because it reminded me of Brighton Beach. It has a very soft, clean smell and within minutes, my whole room smelt lovely! *not that it doesn’t already…I’m clean.:D*
  • I also picked up some DVDs and some Acai berry pills from Holland and Barretts. Acai berries are great if you are trying to lose weight as they contain the highest anioxidents of any fruit and it helps to keep you fuller for longer.
  • I also bought a new 2012/13 diary. I was actually planning to get a Moleskin diary as they look oh-so-posh and important but WHSmith were out of stock and I was too lazy and impatient to buy them online. So I bought this really cute, kitsch and whimsical diary instead. It’s so cute! (and yes, the cover is made out of real patchwork material!)
BUT anyhoo….enough about me, how are you enjoying your Saturday?!

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