The Complete Clusterfuck That Was…

The Doc Martens Sale at Brick Lane a couple of weeks ago.
While thinking of the title, I had other ideas such as the ‘travesty’, the ‘debacle’ or the ‘craziness’, but, and pardon me for swearing, but I chose CLUSTERFUCK to accurately describe the feeling at the time.
If you were on Twitter that day, you probably would have seen me live tweeting the “event” as it were – only because I had nothing else to do. Let me…let me just give you guys a rundown of the events shall I?
8am – I wake up, refreshed and feeling great. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Good times.
9am – I’m on the train to Shoreditch High street. “Ah it won’t matter if I’m a few minutes late” said I, “It opens at 10, so even if I get there, I’ll be waiting for about 30 minutes maximum.” Hmph.
10:04: – Surrounded by hipsters. Feel very uncomfortable as It looked like a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
10:10am – Walked up Brick Lane to the Brewery, where I was greeted by the following:

10:30 – I think to myself..Ok…’I bought a £10 Travelcard so i’ll wait it out for about an hour, then i’m going.’
13:30 – “Ok, this is taking the piss.”
I thought i’d wait it out because C’ often are Doc Martens sold at £25?!
As we go on..
15:00 – I was SO HUNGRY by this point because I hadn’t eaten and I’d have been damned if I left the line! A lot of people had let by this point so it was starting pick up.
17:30 – So, after SEVEN HOURS of standing in line, I enter the warehouse and was greeted by this:

I couldn’t get the boots I really wanted because surprise surprise…folks had nabbed them, so I ended up buying some boots that….eh..meh…bleh…I didn’t really want, but they would do for now. They are a size too big but I’ve grown to like them. Were they worth lining up for 7 hours? Nope, but it was an experience I won’t forget!.
Plus side; the sun was shining and I met some cool hipster people with their Creepers and short/shorts and blazers. Good times!
Did anybody else attend the sale? What did you get?

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