Onça Natural Beauty Suppliment

It’s that time of year again; during the run up to Summer we all try to look our best, be it by joining the gym or curbing our eating habits. One way to boost your health and vitality is by frequently taking nutritional supplements – however there is a new health supplement that supports anti-ageing as well as beautifying you as you sleep!
Enter Onca.
Onca is a natural health supplement from Brazil which blends natural super fruits from the Amazon to provide you with optimum beauty. Onca provides a complete formula with tropical botanicals, collagen, antioxidants to support the body’s recovery rebuilding health, beauty and body cells.
Due to the limited availability of the fruits, the supplements are extremely exclusive, with only 3000 worldwide AND a waitlist! 
The supplement is to be taken twice a day, one in the morning and one at night. They come in sachet form and you can mix it in with any liquid (milk is mostly advised) – it is said to improve weight loss, improve sleep and helps to improve a sense of well-being. Umm..where do I sign up?!
Some of the ingredients include; wild passion fruit, grape seed extract, camu-camu berries, grapefruit, Cocoa,  cinnamon and Acai berries. Sounds delicious 🙂
Laura of Laura’s Blog has also reviewed the supplements, click the link to see how she got on!
It’s £156 for a month’s supply (think of all those natural superfruits though!) and is available from here. 

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