Back back back baaaaaack…

Hola guys!
So I’m baaaaaaaaack again – It’s only been about 3 weeks but it feels so much longer and I’ve missed blogging so much!
During my absence, I arranged a last-minute holiday to stay with a relative in Barcelona for 5 days and it was absolutely AMAZING (I implore EVERYONE to make it to that beautiful City at least once!). I needed some time away from the UK to just get my head straight and set my priorities in order. Part of this included thinking about how I want to move this here blog forward. My main issue regarding this blog has always been about time and lack thereof. 
While on the beach *tosses hair back and forth*, I came up with a list of things I want to blog about and the amount of time I could set aside to write them – I’ve now decided to write the bulk of my posts on Sunday as I don’t really do anything on that day.
So from now on, you can expect fresh, more detailed and more consistent posts from me! Thanks to everyone who still reads and supports my blog – I appreciate it! In the mean time, I shall put up a few photos of my time in the lovely Barcelona. <3

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