Victoria's Secret Strawberries & Champagne Fragrance Mist

The Victoria’s Secret store doesn’t open until July over here in the UK, however it didn’t stop me from purchasing a couple of items from their beauty range whilst in duty free at the airport. I also bought a couple of other items in the photo that I will be reviewing this week.

Victoria’s Secret Fragrance Mist in ‘Strawberries & Champagne’

While browsing in the duty free store at Gatwick airport, I came across the Vicky’s Secret concession stand; after going through security which ended up with them throwing away my body spray (damn that 100ml limit!) I decided to look through the different varieties of sprays they had (which incidently, was quite a lot).

The smell is extremely sweet, almost sickly sweet. If you love ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor and Rolf, then you’ll love this as it’s a similar smell. Personally I can’t smell the Strawberries as the Champagne scent is pretty strong in this one. You don’t need to spray a lot on to get a good lasting scent and it does feel quite high-end for a high street product. There’s something about the Chamomile that gives off a very relaxing, calm feeling too, especially in the heat.
Does it Last?
I wanted to see how long the fragrance would last in the heat seeing as I was going on holiday and I wasn’t disappointed; I squirted some on in the morning and it wasn’t until 3/4pm that the smell started to fade. Also, it’s not one of those scents that, when mixed with heat/sweat/etc, it turns all funky and what have you so I’m very pleased about that.
The Etc’s
As I purchased it in duty free, it cost £8.00. I think it’ll probably be around £12-14 when it hits stores in July.
– 280ml
Can be purchased at:
 The duty free shop at Gatwick Airport if you happen to be flying off soon.
– Any Vicky’s Secret in the States
– On Amazon UK for £7!!
– At Victoria’s Secret at Westfield in Stratford in July

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