Are You Ready For This Jelly?!

Are Ya? Are Ya?
Yes ladies, it looks like the Jelly shoe is making a comeback and I for one am hopping aboard and flying the flag for this trend! Remember back in the days when some of us would collect the shoes in different colours like they were Pokemon cards? Oh, just me?
As a child, the ‘jellies’ were my all time FAVOURITE shoes. I used to rock them at school in the summer with my white flower socks and summer dress and i’d walk around thinking that I was the hottest 6 year old this side of the Thames. Pure swagger I had. Don’t hate.
Remember these school summer dresses?!
Jelly shoes are proving to be quite the belle de jour among festival goers this Summer; as well as being stylish, they also come up quite convenient too seeing as they are uber easy to clean.
Anne Hathaway, Azealia Banks and Nicola Roberts all rocking their shoes.
Here are some of my favourites so far:
However I was in Primarni the other day and came across some simple jelly ballerina flats which I simply had to have because they were adorable! They were only a fiver but that was because they were actually beach shoes. Nevertheless that shan’t deter me from taking a trip down memory lane every day; I will be wearing them as normal shoes and not one damn shall be given. 

The shoes are SO comfortable and are perfect for this bipolar weather as it dries off very easily. 🙂 
What do you think about Jelly shoes? Were they YOUR shoe way back in the day? 

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