What's your weight loss inspiration?

For some, it may be sticking a ‘before’ photo of themselves with a motivational message on the fridge door, for others it could be purposely buying a dress 2 sizes smaller. I usually used to do the latter; I would buy loads of clothes a few sizes smaller which I THOUGHT would inspire me to lose weight – however they are still in the back of my wardrobe gathering dust and/or moths O_o.
I’ve been on a weight loss journey for about…5 years now and admittedly I find it extremely hard to lose weight – I take after my Father’s side of the family, where all the women are quite chubby so I know that when I do lose, I’m not going to be like 7 stone or anything!
I’ve tried all the diets – legit and fad- you can think of; Atkins, Dukan, LighterLife, Juicing, Waterfall Diet, 3 Day Diet, Fasting, Cambridge Diet etc but to no avail as most of these diets are VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) and the weight normally gets put on again after I’m done.
However about a couple of months ago, I came across a Tumblr page called www.before-and-after-pictures.tumblr.com where followers submit before and after photos of their weight loss. After browsing every single photo on the site, it really spurred me to lose weight in the natural and safe way of exercising and eating in moderation. The photos on the site are incredible and it just shows me that if they can do it, I can too!

What/who inspires you to lose weight?

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