A Special Congratulations…

to LaaLaa of DolceVanity.com!

This evening I found out via Twitter that LaaLaa had won Best Established Blog at the Cosmopolitan Blog Awards; about time too!
During the nomination process, there were a couple of blogs I was voting for, LaaLaa’s being one of them and I’m so happy and excited that she’s won such an award. Dolce Vanity was one of the first blogs I started reading when I started up my blog and it was one of the blogs that inspired me to keep writing and trying new things with mine.

What I love about Dolce Vanity are the amazingly detailed, professional and honest reviews and beauty news teamed with huge crystal clear photos that show off the products beautifully – LaaLaa always changes the layout theme as well, which I personally love as I love being surprised every time I log on. 🙂
Above all, LaaLaa is such a gorgeous person, inside and out and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like a Nigerian mum at a wedding LOL. I know that awards aren’t the be all-end all of blogging, but sometimes it is nice to be recognized for the hard work you put into your blog and LaaLaa definitely embodies that. 
Having to frequently update your blog takes a lot of hard work and creativity – sometimes I even struggle to blog 3 times a week but bloggers such as LaaLaa and A.J from The Sunday Girl (who blogs sometimes up to 5 times a day! She’s like the Terminator of the beauty blogging world hehe) post frequently and I think it’s just amazing.
So in conclusion, congratulations to LaaLaa and I recommend you all go and visit her amazing blog RIGHT NAHHHHHHH!.

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