Tans for WOC | Vita Liberata pHenominal 2-3 Week Tan [Dark]

My my, time sure does fly doesn’t it?!

Seems like only yesterday we started the Tans for Women of Colour project, anywhoo, this week is the turn of Vita Liberara pHenominal 2-3 week tan. I was excited to try this as I had been hearing a lot of buzz and positive reviews regarding it. Let’s see how it fairs on darker skin, shall we?
Vita Liberata was founded by Alyson Hogg who was inspired to create her own line after being dissatisfied with the brands that were already on the market at the time. Vita Liberata self tans are packed with natural extracts such as ylang ylang, seaweed, pomegranate, grape and includes PhenO2 techology which ensures the tan stays on for longer.
The self-tan promises no streaking and no smells, whilst being free from parabens and alcohol.
I really like the packaging as it looks quite luxurious and of good quality. In regards to the scent, I couldn’t quite place it. I personally thought it smelt like scented kitchen cleaner? It’s not an overpowering smell, far from it, but up close it is quite strong.
The consistency takes the form of a light chocolate foamy mousse, which is very easy to rub into the skin. Vita suggest different applications techniques depending on how intense you would like the tan to be. For a one week tan, apply only once, for a two week tan, two applications and for 3 weeks, 3 applications or more. I decided to opt for three applications as I wanted to see how intense the tan would become.
I applied the first layer and waited 24 hours before applying the second layer, and again with the third layer. I made sure to buy tanning mitts this time as I didn’t want three weeks’ worth of tan on my palms!
The tan dried within 10 minutes or so and didn’t stain any of my clothing or bed sheets. Here are the results after the second application:
bare arm = top
tanned arm = bottom
and here is my ‘tan’ after four days & a third application;
As you can see, no big change. Apart from a little shimmer on my bottom arm, the colour isn’t any darker than my top arm. I can’t really comment on the fading time as I’m not even sure whether it has, seeing as I can’t see the tan! For £37, I would have expected a bit more but hey hum…Let’s see if the other girls had better luck than I did!
£37 for 125ml
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