Guys, I have been wanting to get this lipstick for YEARS ever since I first saw it on the Barry M website! It’s a quirky little thing isn’t it? This lipstick works by working with the alkali levels in your lips to determine how pink the shade will be. I would say though, that I would class this as more of a lip stain than an actual lipstick, as it has the same consistency as a stain and lasts a bit longer also. 
The sciencey bit:
So, the more alkaline you have in your lips, the brighter pink the lipstick will be. Get it? Got it? Good.
Because of it changing on each person, I believe that this is a shade that can be worn and could suit virtually anyone.
If you wanted the shade to be a bit deeper, you can also go over the lip a few times to get a lovely berry shade. I love the novelty of this; yesterday all I was doing was rubbing different citrus fruits on my lips then applying the lipstick to see how deep the pink could go (I am totally NOT sad, honest :D) 
The photo above shows what happened when I rubbed a little lemon juice on the insides of my lips only and then applied the lipstick on top.
Pretty snazzy huh?
In general, I think this is cute, quirky little lipstick that’ll make a great stocking filler and has great longevity, about 8 hours or so before re-applying. 
Priced at £5.49 from boots, superdrug and amazon.
Would you try this? What are your favourite novelty products?

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