Festive Yankee Candle Wax Tarts

It seems like overnight, I’ve turned into a bit of a candle obsessive.
A few weeks ago, I was reading about wax tarts on The Sunday Girl blog; “wax tarts? No candle wick? Hmm, seems interesting” said I and off I trotted to Amazon to see what scents they had.
A wax tart is basically a mould of scented wax that burns down to an oil when placed in a wax burner with a tealight placed under it. You can burn the tart as a whole, or you can break bits off and mix and match different scents.
Seeing as we are nearing the festive season, I decided to get a pack of 10 Christmas  scents, which all
together came up to around 10 pounds which seems great value for money considering how long each scent lasts.
Each tart (depending on where you buy them) can range from about £1 to £2.50- which is great if you’re like me, who loves testing out new scents – another great thing about these tarts is that the scents are vastly stronger than normal candles.
– White Christmas
– Winter Wonderland
-Snow in Love
– Christmas Cookie

– Christmas Eve
– Cranberry Ice
-Merry Berry & Cider
– Cherries on Snow

– Apple & Pine Needle
– Christmas Tree

What I love about the tarts is that you only need a little bit for it to last for a very long time. You may need to stock up on tea lights because I’ve found they often burn down extremely quickly! You can get a set of about 30 tea lights for about £3 or £4 at Ikea. I’m burning Apple and Pine Needle as I type and my room smells so warm and comfortable! It feels like I should have a crackling fire and a few chestnuts in here. Roll on Christmas!
I purchased my wax tarts from this link
Have you tried wax tarts?

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