Pigmentation + Scrub Fix by Nip + Fab

Being an ‘organic/natural’ sort of gal, I try to stay away from products that are mostly chemical based; especially products that claim to get rid of stubborn body niggles  in a heart beat. However my curiosity got the better of me and so I decided to purchase a couple of products from the Nip + Fab range – the scrub and pigmentation fix. I decided to get these two specifically as being someone who is dark skinned, I have a few hyper pigmentation issues and so was itching to see whether the products would live up to it’s reputation!

Nip + Fab Scrub Fix £11.26
‘A triple action facial micro-exfoliant to refine, brighten + renew.

                               This miracle scrub leaves skin extraordinarily clear + refreshed.’

The scrub comes in a 50ml tube containing micro-particles which help refine and polish the skin, salicylic acid  which brightens and resurfaces the skin and bamboo which helps to renew and decongest the pores. It is suggested that you use the scrub once a week for renewed and refined skin.
I quite like this scrub to be honest – I’m a big fan of scrubs that contain big/slightly rough micro beads and this scrub definitely ticks that box. When applying, I can practically feel the dirt and makeup slide off my skin and it leaves my face feeling a bit softer, plumper and ready to take in whatever moisturiser I use after. This would be a great scrub to use with a deeply hydrating serum at night as I’ve found that my pores really take in the moisture after using the scrub. My skin always feels clean and fresh without that ‘tight’ feeling that most scrubs give me. This is suitable for all skin types and I do recommend that you do use it once a week as it is quite an intensive scrub! I would definitely repurchase, It’s just a shame it comes in such a small tube! Wahh.
Nip + Fab Pigmentation Fix £15.95
‘Dreaming of bright + luminous skin? This concentrated formula reduces the appearance of age spots + uneven skin tone, for skin that looks radiant + glowing!’
Pigmentation Fix comes in a 30ml pump bottle and claims to reduce the appearance of an uneven skintone, age spots and contains illumiscin which targets age spots, vitamin C and olive leaf extract that is supposed to brighten the complexion.
*Sighs*, where to begin?!
I had high hopes for this cream, I really did. I’m not someone who really uses pigmentation creams as a lot of them are either not effective for my skintone, or they contain the illegal substance Hydroquinone.
Now I can only speak for the skin brightening claim as I do not YET have age spots; I have some uneven areas under my eyes, around my nose and around my jaw and so I used the cream as it specified, every night before bed. I have been using it for coming up to 7 weeks now and so far I have seen no change whatsoever. My skin is exactly the same and although my skin looks brighter, I don’t think it was caused by this product.
To be honest, there’s not a lot I can say about this product. It doesn’t moisturise, it doesn’t make my skin feel any different and for me personally, it was absolutely ineffective. A big waste of money. To me it seems like a glorified primer.
So there we have it, the good and the bad! Have you guys tried anything from Nip + Fab? Also, have you ever tried any skin correcting/pigmentation creams and can you recommend any?


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