25 Facts about Stephy Steph.

*As I hop on le bandwagon…*
After reading Callie’s  “25 things about me” tag, I was inspired to try my own. Now it was pretty hard to come up with list because I just assume I’m pretty boring LOL, but you’ll find out below!
1) I’m left-handed, as are all the females on my Dad’s side of the family – it’s pretty awesome.
2) From the age of 7-9, I lived and went to school in Ghana – this was during the time when corporal punishment was still legal – I received a whoooole lotta floggings during that period haha.
3) I have a small scar on my forehead from where I split my head open while looking for a ball underneath the outside fountain at school when I was 5. 
4) Despite popular belief, I’m actually extremely shy when I meet people for the first time; I have a thing about people looking at me – it makes me feel uncomfortable. Weeeeeeird. =/ 
5) I’m short-sighted.
6) I can crack various parts of my body on demand.
7) I play a few instruments; (piano, violin, steel drums, drumkit) and I sing a little too.
8) I’m a bit of a comic-book geek; I love reading Batman comics.
9) I didn’t start wearing make up until I was 19 as I was a hardcore tomboy growing up.
10) My neck is darker than the rest of my body as I had acid thrown on that area of my body by bullies while in a Science class.
11) I’m a bit of an introvert but I hate being alone which is weird. I find it hard to make friends because I automatically assume that i’m not interesting enough. >_< 
12) During the day, I will sporadically burst into the Les Miserables score in public.
13) I studied Law at University.
14) I’ve either broken or fractured most of the bones in my body.
15) My ethnicity is Ghanaian, with a bit of Portuguese from my Mother’s side thrown in for good measure.
16) I love the smell of the Underground and petrol stations.
17) The smell of cooking mince makes me want to throw up. Bleugh. 
18) I’ve never had a spot on my face. Like, ever. Blame my parents and their flawless skin!
19) I’ve seen every episode of The Simpsons and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
20) I have a birthmark on my left eyeball. I also have around 15 beauty marks, all on various places around mah body.
21) I have a fear of spiders, dentist drills and clowns.
22) I am a die-hard romantic at heart but I’m scared of falling in love.
23) I didn’t learn how to ride a bike until I was 17. =( 
24) I never learnt how to swim as I am allergic to chlorine. =( =( 
25) I always cry, without a doubt, every time I hear “On my Own” from the Les Miserables soundtrack. It’s such an emotional song that encapsulates my current state of mind lmao *starts bawling* 

Welp…there ya go! Was it boring? If you guys have any lists you’d like to add, please do! 

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